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our Citrix Desktop as a service
Enable end users to access their unique desktop environments remotely

Capital Outsourcing offers Desktop as a Service on Citrix to facilitate work and allow client to access their desktop and the information on it via the Internet, fiber or microwave. The process involved in making this possible includes storing server & data in a data center and then allow to access it through a virtual desktop over the internet or direct connectivity from their premises. 

Explore the business value of Citrix DaaS
Why Citrix Desktop as a service
Citrix Desktop as a service is a cloud computing offering that securely delivers virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device. This managed desktop virtualization solution is used for provisioning secure SaaS and legacy applications as well as full Windows-based virtual desktops and delivers them to your workforce.

Organizations can rapidly spin up apps and desktops based on business needs, without having to invest in additional infrastructure. This is particularly valuable during a merger or acquisition or when staffing temporary workers during peak seasons.

Security & Compliance

Provides a secure access point for users and simplifies management. With access to applications and desktops in the cloud, data is securely stored and protected against data loss or device theft.

Business continuity

DaaS can be a simple way to support disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Organizations can quickly enable secure remote access to apps and desktops, which allows the workforce to stay up and running in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or other unforeseen event.


Employees, seasonal workers, and contractors can securely access their applications, remote desktops, and sensitive data from anywhere on cost-effective devices. This helps people stay productive no matter where they work, and makes it easy for IT to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs

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