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Business Continuity coadmin May 30, 2022
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Restore critical business functions in the event of an unplanned disaster
Business continuity is an organization’s ability to maintain mission-critical functionality during and after a disaster. There are myriad disruptions that can cost organizations time, money, and productivity, and business continuity planning helps them prepare for these risks before they happen. Modern organizations have a list of potential disruptions that extend beyond natural disasters. Service outages, security breaches, and industry competition can represent significant threats to business processes. Capital Outsourcing offers business continuity offices, located at Mtayleb area Mount Lebanon, this site can be used as an administrative and technical recovery site.
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What technologies support business continuity
Integrated technologies supported by cloud platforms give modern businesses the ability to plan for, react to, and recover from crises, whether they be natural disasters, cyberattacks, or supplier failures. These technologies support full critical business functions and crisis management amid potential threats.
  • Hosted desktops and applications
  • Unified endpoint management
  • Content collaboration
  • Cloud networking
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