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Private cloud is a computing model that offers a proprietary environment dedicated to a single business entity. As with other types of cloud computing environments, private cloud provides extended, virtualized computing resources via physical components stored on-premises or at a vendor’s datacenter.

One of the chief advantages of a private cloud deployment is the enhanced degree of control offered to the organization. Because the private cloud is only accessible to a single business, that organization can configure the environment and manage it in a manner that is uniquely tailored to the specific computing needs of the company.

Private Cloud Solutions
Benefits of Private Cloud
Security and compliance

For businesses operating in heavily regulated industries, compliance is paramount. Private cloud infrastructure gives organizations the ability to comply with strict regulations because sensitive data is held on hardware that cannot be accessed by anyone else. This advantage is available through on-site hardware installations as well as in hosted services.


Private clouds are fully configurable by the organizations using the solution. A fully private cloud is constructed by an on-site cloud architect, which means stakeholders can specify the exact environment needed to run proprietary applications. Hosted private clouds offer the same advantages but require no on-site setup. In that case, the business works with a vendor to set up and manage a cloud for its exclusive use.

Hybrid integration

When an application needs additional computing resources, hybridization extends the resources of the private cloud into a public cloud to maintain uptime without needing to install additional physical servers. This can be a cost-effective solution for organizations that need the security of a private cloud but still want other functions to operate with the power of a public cloud service.

Private Cloud Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions

Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud service that is provided for a single customer (organization) and is not shared with any other users. Here, you maintain your own servers and infrastructure to host your application and data.

Public Cloud is a computing service shared among multiple customers (although each user’s application and data remains hidden from others). All the server configurations are maintained by vendors, ensuring that less management is required from you. The benefits are a quicker time to market and simpler hosting.

Private Cloud is a dedicated computing service for a single customer (organization). Compared to Public Cloud, the setup process is more complicated and may require greater investment (e.g. on the operations department to maintain server), but provides complete freedom over the platform. The benefits are security and flexibility. A client also can request managed services from private cloud hosting providers.

The main benefit of the Private Cloud Hosting is complete control over the platform (connection, hardware, applications, etc.), and security (the isolated server ensures independence of any other customers). This allows creating a platform that is optimally suited for your particular needs. For example, the high level of data protection makes it a preferable choice for storing sensitive data. Herewith, for additional security and even greater isolation, Private Cloud can be built on-premise (i.e. locally, based on your hardware).

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