Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery coadmin May 30, 2022
our disaster recovery services
Outsource replication, hosting and data restoration tasks to us

Capital Outsourcing provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to perform real time data and server replication. These solutions are used to recover business critical systems, data and applications such as Infrastructure services, specific database services, critical core applications in both physical and virtual environments.

Replicate your systems and data to our private or public cloud and orchestrate the failover and failback process.

Back up your systems and data and maintain these backups in an off-site data center, physical or virtual machine (VM), or on disk or tape stored off-site.

Data Protection and Recovery Solutions
Benefits of managed disaster recovery
Reduce downtime and data loss

Whether it is natural disaster, fire, or cyberattack, or any disaster that destroys or brings down your IT systems and causes downtime can put your organization out of business. With managed DR, we responsible for ensuring your organization achieves agreed-upon recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)

Lower cost

For any business, self-managed DR can be a high-risk, expensive option because it requires internal IT technical staff and expertise to develop, test, and execute your DR strategy. Eliminate the need to hire DR experts while you focus on core operations and lower investment costs for purchasing and maintaining a separate data center or duplicate hardware.

Regulatory compliance

Our disaster recovery solutions can ensure your organizations compliance with legal requirements to comply with industry or government regulatory requirements.

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