Managed Backup

Managed Backup coadmin May 30, 2022
our managed backup service
Simple, secure, and cost-effective solution to back up and recover your data

Ransomware, natural disasters, power outages and equipment failures can take down your business. One of the biggest advantages of a cloud managed backup service is that important files are stored offsite in case a business’s network is compromised by a ransomware attack or cyber threat.

Capital Outsourcing managed backup service is an ideal solution to create and store backups of your data, to secure your workloads offsite, while adding another layer of security and enabling organizations to access your data from anywhere.

Why do you need managed backup?
Your benefits with managed backup services
Back up everything
Disks, partitions, files and folders, virtual machines
Better protection
Isolate your data from local device failure, malware attacks or natural disasters
Less downtime
Ensure you can quickly restore your system so you can keep running
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