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Microsoft 365 Business Premium – Do more with Less for SMB coadmin December 28, 2023

Join us in a 90-minute free workshop featuring real-life scenarios to empower hybrid work, increase security, and reduce IT costs with Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cost-efficient, highly integrated, and easy productivity technologies designed specifically for Small-Medium Businesses.

Join us for an online workshop on the 28th of December at 11:00AM Lebanon time, based on real-world scenarios where we’ll demonstrate how Microsoft 365 can solve key business challenges. Experience how you can collaborate and work efficiently from virtually anywhere, improve security, and maximize your technology investment.

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Are you a Small or Medium sized business that:

  • Has struggled to adapt to remote or hybrid working?
  • Is concerned about how to manage the devices that access your data securely? 
  • Need to increase the productivity of your workforce while adapting to a new way of working? 
  • Is looking to get a return on your investment in moving to the Cloud?

This is an opportunity to learn, discuss and receive valuable recommendations tailored to your organization.

Workshop highlights:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Overview
  • How to Increase collaboration and connection with your people
  • How to Secure you business with the technology you can trust
  • How to reduce costs

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

In today’s world, security is a top priority. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can access a range of advanced security features to give your business the power to collaborate safely, while protecting your data – wherever your users are.

Come along to our M365 workshop to find out how you could adapt your business to run securely on the Microsoft Cloud. We hope to see you there!