Capital Panel

Capital Panel

Fast becoming an essential organizational tool for HMC entities – including service providers, resellers, site owners and end users – Capital Panel facilitates the administration of shared hosting tasks. With its innovative design, even non-administrative users are able to seamlessly navigate the system, reducing the need for time consuming and expensive training as well as support calls. As security is a main concern for companies, Capital Panel provides a role based interface that allows the handling of all hosting tasks while restricting unauthorized access.

A superior cost effective solution, Capital Panel efficiently accommodates high concurrent operation volumes and is offered as part of a package that includes one or more services, which subscribers are able to manage separately.

Capital Panel Features include:

  • Managing Resellers
    • Organizations
    • Administrators
  • Managing Consumer and Business Organizations
    • Consumer Organizations
    • Business Organizations
  • Managing Organization Subscriptions
    • Hosted Exchange Subscriptions
    • Mobility Features
    • Hosted SharePoint Subscriptions
    • Web and Data Hosting Subscriptions
  • Managing Users
    • Edit, Reset Password, Enable/Disable, among others
    • Subscriptions
    • Organization Administrator Users
    • SMTP Addresses
    • User Plans

Capital Panel Modules include:

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Hosting
  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • DotNetNuke
  • Site Builder


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