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Migration Phase at Zain Bahrain: Completed

Through optimistic dynamism, the Capital Telecom team completed the migration phase at Zain Bahrain - the innovative telecom services provider. Being a stake-holder in Bahrain’s future prosperity, Zain has chosen COME, the C-O Migration Engine for the migration from the SUN LDAP messaging platform to Hotmail, allowing Zain a maintained devotion to provide top-class customer service.

Based on Windows Live MMT, COME uses the latest Microsoft development technologies to guarantee the following functionalities:

  • Multi-layered application with expanded or consolidated configuration
  • User provisioning
  • Content and contacts migration
  • User Sub-folders’ structure migration
  • Multi-threading migration (at the user and email items level)
  • Email migration tracking and monitoring
  • Restricted attachment and NDR blocking
  • POP3 and IMAP support for the source messaging server
  • 64-bit OS support

The project started in January 2011 and went go live in May 2011. Appointed as Windows Live Service Provider, once again, Capital Telecom team was the premium partner to respond to Zain needs.