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The Road Ahead, Safety Comes First

Capital Outsourcing maintains a strong belief in Corporate Social Responsibility and its moral returns. Our commitment continues with the efforts of our CSR committee who organized a road safety awareness session in collaboration with ASPB, Banque Audi and kunhadi. The session was held on Wednesday 8th of June, 2011, at Audi Sofil Auditorium and emphasized on how people could be more responsible while driving to help in improving the safety of the roads. The presentation was followed by seatbelt and goggle (blurred vision) simulations.

The reaction and support received from the audience were extremely positive and encouraging; where C-O members committed to respecting the rules of road safety by signing the Conscientious Driver Pledge Letter (encouraging respecting the speed limits and the road signs, banning drinking and driving, wearing seat belt, excluding the use of mobile communications while driving).

Be responsible and make our roads safer;

the society will be the major winner!