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Darty Chose Capital Telecom

Being the leading electrical retailer in France, with more than 200 stores, Darty’s philosophy is to deliver high value to customers. Since Darty believes technological innovation is a great driver for progress and customer comfort, the management team chose Capital Telecom for the migration from their old messaging platform (Postfix messaging system) to Hotmail, through COME, the C-O Migration Engine. A multi-layered application with different modules, COME is based on Windows Live MMT and uses the latest Microsoft development technologies based on .NET and SQL 2008.

COME reporting module supports the following reports:

  • User Creation
  • User Migration
  • Contacts Migration
  • Migration Validation (Tracking the number of migrated emails)
  • Migrated Data Size
  • Blocked Messages per User
  • User Validation (invalid login format, invalid passwords, etc…)

The migration project is now in progress since April 2011 under the Capital Telecom dedicated team of consultants and engineers and is expected to be achieved on July 2011.