Web and Data Hosting

Web & Data Hosting

Web & Data Hosting Services from Capital Outsourcing

This service from Capital Outsourcing allows you to run your websites and applications and store your data on our secure, technologically advanced servers. Our web hosting services give you access to your websites and data anywhere, anytime over the Internet.

We provide constant hardware and software maintenance on our servers, ensuring you peace of mind knowing your applications and data are secure and functional.

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Plans & Pricing

For more information about our Web & Data Hosting Services and for details on prices,
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Features & Benefits

Choosing Capital Outsourcing for your web and data hosting has many advantages including the following:

  • Reliability: At Capital Outsourcing we leave nothing to chance; our hardware and software are constantly updated and maintained to ensure full functionality and avoid any potential problems. Choosing our web and data hosting services guarantees you consistent quality.
  • Custom Firewall: Our web and data hosting services allow you to customize your firewall to match the security and control policies that best suit your business needs.
  • Flexibility: We grow as you grow. Our services are flexible and allow you to add software and change server configurations as your business needs evolve and change.
  • Cost Effective: Hosting your website and data on our servers is a cost effective and simpler alternative to buying your own servers and dedicating time and resources to their maintenance. We take care of your IT infrastructure needs leaving you free to pursue your core business.