Security as a Service

Security as a Service

Security-as-a-service is an additional service offered by Capital Outsourcing in order to help organizations mitigate the increasing security threats that exist today in the internet world. Capital Outsourcing offers an internet outsourcing model for security management. Security as a Service involves appliances and applications such as Antivirus, Antispam, Web Application Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, DDOS mitigation, etc… delivered over the Internet, but can also be setup and managed on-premises based upon customer preferences.

Security-as-a-Service is charged per MB per month per security service. Contact us for pricing details.

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Plans & Pricing

WAF $350.00
(monthly rate per MB)
IPS $450.00
(monthly rate per MB)
DDOS $100.00
(monthly rate per MB)

For more information about our Security as a Service and for details on prices,
call us on: +961 (01) 208 258


Security-as-a-Service offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Spam Protection and Virus Protection
  • Constant Virus, Spam and Malware definition updates
  • Email Spooling
  • Email traffic encryption
  • Outbound filtering which prevents organizations from being put on spam block lists and prevents sensitive data in email from leaving the organization
  • Greater security expertise than is typically available within an organization
  • Faster user provisioning
  • Robust security against targeted and automated attacks
  • Advanced DDoS protection capabilities that distinguish real users from botnets through the use of heuristic fingerprinting and IP reputation
  • Server Cloaking to prevent attack reconnaissance of protected applications by suppressing server banners and error messages
  • XML Firewall capability that secures applications against schema and WSDL poisoning, highly-nested elements, recursive parsing, and other XML-based attacks
  • Web Application Firewall inspects all inbound traffic for attacks and outbound traffic for sensitive data. Content such as credit card numbers, or any other custom patterns can be identified by the by the Web Application Firewall and either blocked or masked
  • Intrusion Prevention System achieving a new level of inline, real-time, protection, providing proactive network security
  • Intrusion Prevention System with significant capacity for deep packet traffic inspection, enabling convergence for additional security services
  • Proactive Inline threat protection while delivering high network performance and availability
  • Full attack surface threat protection providing outstanding vulnerability coverage, including protection of network devices, virtualization software, operating systems, enterprise and Web applications, and industrial control system networks
  • Outsourcing of administrative tasks, to save time and money and allow an organization to dedicate more time to its core business
  • A Web interface that allows in-house administration of some tasks as well as a view of the security environment and on-going activities

Capital Outsourcing Security as a Service product vendors include Cisco, HP, Barracuda, Symantec, Trend Micro and Thawte.

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