Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint Services from Capital Outsourcing

With its extended list of features, SharePoint is optimal for use to share documents and information as well as for content management. Other features of SharePoint are also conducive for efficient workflow and can assist you in reaching your business goals.

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Plans & Pricing

Foundation $3.00
Standard $6.50
Enterprise $13.00

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Features & Benefits

Hosted SharePoint from Capital Outsourcing provides you with a variety of tools and facilities to improve collaboration and communication, easy access to information and a customizable security level for your data. Some of the features and benefits of SharePoint include the following:

SharePoint Hosting from Capital Outsourcing gives you the means to share information and resources that your employees need to work properly as individuals and as teams. Users can create team workspaces, coordinate calendars, organize documents as well as receive notifications and updates. SharePoint also allows users to view and update task lists, blogs and other data from their mobile devices.

Hosted SharePoint can help you maintain the integrity of documents stored at various sites by opting to: activate document-checkout before editing, view revisions and restore previous versions as well as set document item security level.
Hosted SharePoint from Capital Outsourcing allows you to implement various workflow-enabled applications:

  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Office SharePoint Design 2010 to create workflows.
  • Associate workflow with content types, lists or libraries.
  • Manually (using Action Menu) or automatically initiate workflows as items are added or modified.
  • Receive notification when a workflow requires interaction by the user.

Hosted SharePoint gives the IT department in your company the ability to set permissions and parameters for documents and items, allowing managers and other users to function within these restrictions.