Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange Services from Capital Outsourcing

Capital Outsourcing can host your Microsoft email and box and allot you space on its servers where you can host your data. Our hosted service makes it easy for you to access your data stored on our servers, including emails, address books, task management and documents and disseminate them in your company to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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Plans & Pricing

Starting Price $2.50

* Different plans are available. Call us for more details.

All Plans Include

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • POP3
  • FREE Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus
  • Personal Mail Folder
  • Personal Address List
  • Personal Calendar
  • Personal Tasks
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • FREE Setup Fees
  • 24/7 Email & Phone Support

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Microsoft Exchange is a very successful and popular business messaging platform;
Its benefits for businesses are considerable including increased productivity and much more.

  • Boosts productivity by always keeping emails, files, calendars and contacts synced
  • Allows for mobile access of email and related features
  • Features advanced Web-mail
  • Has a shared calendars feature that allows employees to better manage their deadlines, arrange meetings and related issues, thus enhancing the spirit of team work
  • Has a shared task lists feature that increases the efficiency of employees working separately, or together, on a project
  • Suits the needs of smaller businesses who do not have to pay for the more expensive Microsoft Exchange such as up-front costs and server maintenance fees.

Features & Benefits

Hosted Exchange from Capital Outsourcing has several features that will increase your productivity
by giving you anywhere access to your email, calendar, public folders and more.

Businesses today rely heavily on email to keep the workflow smooth and to produce the best results. Microsoft Exchange delivers the tools needed to meet your email and communication needs.

  • Remote, Centralized Storage: Allowing users to determine delivery options, size limitations and other email rules. Using Exchange also ensures that the functions and features are always turned on even if the local computer is shut down.
  • Your Company Domain Name: Exchange allows you to add your company’s domain name on all your employees’ email addresses, hence increasing professionalism.
  • Unlimited Email Aliases: Exchange allows for several addresses to be registered for the same user while retaining one primary “reply as” address for each mailbox.
  • Group enabled Outlook Features: Calendars, task lists, inbox and more can be group enabled for users you determine to increase collaboration. Exchange also gives you control over the extent of changes users can make to your information and account.
  • IT Solutions supported by Exchange Hosting: Microsoft Outlook, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, Outlook Express and Outlook Web Access. Formats supported: Text, Rich Text and HTML mail.

  • Calendar Attendant: This feature has great organizational value by reducing scheduling conflicts and limiting calendar items in the inbox to their latest version. It also makes meeting requests tentative on recipient calendars until users can act upon requests.
  • Resource Booking Attendant: allows for the management of resources such as meeting rooms and equipment, accepting or declining requests based on availability.
  • Scheduling Assistant: Allows users to efficiently schedule meetings and determine best meeting times based on invitees and required resources.
  • Schedulable Out of Office (OOF): OOF messages can be scheduled to begin and end on specific dates and times, and they can be set from mobile devices. Separate OOF messages can be sent to external recipients.

These folders allow for sharing of certain information with all your employees. Exchange gives you the rights to restrict these folders to users or groups to maintain the level of security you desire in your company. Public Folders can include contact information and calendars.

  • Mobile Messaging: With the advanced search capabilities of Exchange ActiveSync you will be able to use your mobile device for quick information retrieval from local device itself as well as from your entire Exchange Mailbox. ActiveSync functions across a broad range of mobile devices. ActiveSync also features the push tool that maintains a secure connection with Exchange server, keeping you up to date with email, calendar, contacts and tasks as soon as they arrive on the server.
    Exchange ActiveSync also incorporates many other services related to calendar, scheduling meetings, replying to and forwarding invitations and setting Out of Office messages – all from your mobile device.
  • Direct Push: allowing users to receive new items to their account or on their mobile devices as soon as they arrive on the server.
  • Usability on different devices: Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol is licensed for use by Windows Mobile, Nokia, Symbian, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Palm and DataViz.
  • Calendaring and Out of Office: retaining the same functionalities on mobile as on computer.

  • Schedule Out of Office messages and send to internal and/or external recipients.
  • Use the Scheduling Assistant to efficiently book meetings.
  • Use WebReady Document Viewing to read attachments in HTML even if the application that created the document is not installed locally.
  • Access RSS subscriptions.
  • View content in Managed E-mail Folders.
  • Search the Global Address List (GAL).

Outlook Web Access security is improved from previous releases. Two-factor authentication is supported, and administrators can enforce HTML-only document viewing to avoid information being left behind on public kiosks.
The Outlook Web Access Options menu allows users to quickly and easily resolve many of the most common sources of helpdesk calls on their own. OWA users can request a Unified Messaging voice mail PIN reset, issue a remote wipe request to their mobile device should it be lost or stolen, and add senders to their safe or block list all within Outlook Web Access.
Outlook Web Access Light provides a rich Outlook Web Access experience over slow connections and enables many of the new features in Outlook Web Access, including schedulable Out of Office messages (internal and external), Really Simple Syndication (RSS) subscriptions, and Managed E-Mail Folder access.
Exchange Server mailboxes are fully indexed by default, allowing users to quickly search for information from Outlook Web Access. Re-indexing is faster, and search spans both content within the e-mail itself and data contained in attachments.
OWA deals with latency, reduces bandwidth and ensures a satisfying browsing experience even over slow connections.