Hosted Dynamics

Hosted Dynamics

Hosted Dynamics Services from Capital Outsourcing

Microsoft CRM Dynamics is a powerful online tool with many features and tools that will aid you improve your sales and sales process ensuring more marketing success for your company and improved, long-term relationships with your customers. The Hosted Dynamics service from Capital outsourcing offers you all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help boost your business and allow you to reach your marketing goals.

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Plans & Pricing

CRM $55.00
H-NAV Starting from $90.00
H-AX Starting from $100.00

All Plans Include

  • Low monthly rate
  • No long-term commitment required *
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Work in your web browser or in Outlook
  • Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Never worry about system maintenance, upgrades, or updates again
  • Free up your IT staff to focus on other business needs
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved reliability and availability
  • End-user support from the CRM experts at Capital Outsourcing
  • FREE training webinars and access to the Success Portal
  • FREE value-added tools
  • Access to the expert consultants of Capital Outsourcing

* Thirty-day notice of cancellation is required. No partial or pro-rated months are allowed.

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Features & Benefits

Hosted Dynamics gives you an edge in the market by providing your sales team with the tools to facilitate and optimize their work, from leads to after-sales:

  • Improve Sales and Maximize Marketing Campaigns: Hosted Dynamics provides your employees with tools to increase the effectiveness of their sales abilities, such as automating business processes and tasks. This way, your team spends less time on administrative tasks and more time on making and closing deals.
  • Enrich Customer Experience: Hosted Dynamics from Capital Outsourcing provides your company with a unified and central user interface where all relevant information can be stored. Dynamics allows for accurate issues resolution and it helps you sustain long-term relationships with your customers by automating interactions such as appointments, calls and emails.
  • Improve Sales with Data Tools: Hosted Dynamics features analytics and reports that give you and your sales team accurate information such as emerging market opportunities and trends, allowing you to respond quickly and increase your business.
  • Advanced Lead Handling: Hosted Dynamics provides you with the tools for uncovering new opportunities and increasing sales efficiency with its automated leads routing, interaction tracking and targeted communications.
  • Centralize Customer Information: To increase your sales team’s efficiency and market success, Hosted Dynamics from Capital Outsourcing allows you to store all relevant customer information such as lead information, marketing pitches and sales call information in one central location for easy retrieval and use by your employees.
  • Business Insights: Hosted Dynamics accurately measures your return on investment by tracking performance factors and generating real-time performance reports.