eDesktop Services

eDesktop Services

eDesktop Services from Capital Outsourcing

Capital Outsourcing offers you its eDesktop services to facilitate your work and allow you to access your desktop and the information on it via the Internet. The process involved in making this possible includes storing your data in a data center and then allowing you to access it through a virtual desktop over the internet directly from your existing PC. This technology has a lot of benefits for your business and can help ensure smooth operations at the workplace and elsewhere.

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Plans & Pricing

Basic eDesktop Starting from $25.00
eDesktop + Office Starting from $40.00
eDesktop + Office + Internet Starting from $50.00

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Features & Benefits

eDesktop technology features a lot of benefits including allowing you access to your data from anywhere in the world as well as ensuring continuity and disaster recovery when needed:

  • eDesktop solutions save you money on IT infrastructure and maintenance.
  • It increases the security of your data and lessens the need for local security policies.
  • eDesktop solutions keep your data accessible in the face of technological problems and glitches.
  • It allows for remote collaboration and communication since your employees are never far away from their data no matter where they are in the world.

Operating System: Windows 7

  • Microsoft Office 2010: Excel, Word, Access, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • Choice of Browsers: Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera...
  • Usability Tools: Quick Time Player, Adobe Reader, 7 Zip...
  • Connectivity Apps: GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype...
  • Productivity Suites: Crystal reports, Sync Toy...
  • Industry Specific Apps: Auto Desk Design Review, DWG True View...