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We are Recruiting

As a pioneer and leader in our field, we're passionate about the opportunities that lie ahead. We have strategic growth plans that have provided us with the opportunity to recruit people that share our passion for the future.

We believe that investment in people is integral to consolidating our growth as a regional company. If you think you have the talent and skills to contribute to our future success, we'd like to hear from you. In return you will join a regional company that will maximize your potential and give you the opportunity to realize your professional value.

Below is the list of references for the current job vacancies:

Job Title: Unix Administrator
Job Ref: EXP-AU

Job Title: Support Application
Job Ref: EXP-SA

Job Title: Oracle Administrator
Job Ref: EXP-AO

Job Title: Technology Specialist
Job Ref: EXP-TS

Job Title: Consultant
Job Ref: CON-CF-MM

Job Title: Consultant
Job Ref: CON-CF-TF

Job Title: Consultant
Job Ref: CON-CF-BA